Let’s see those smiles! Photo buttons make it happen.

We’re safer with masks, but in service-oriented professions, masks can make it hard to feel connected! Businesses have started ordering photo buttons to allow people to see their smiling faces while everyone stays safe. This great idea is something we can help with at Meadowlark Graphics.

Designing a Photo Button

Photo buttons can include staff names, like the ones we made for Hamilton, Wilson & Hendricks Orthodontics, your organization’s logo, or anything else you would like. You provide the photos, but we can take the design from there, or provide your finished artwork.

Choosing the Right Photos

A good photo for a photo button will be a high quality, high resolution photo with lots of space around the person’s face to fill the circle.

A few things to avoid: photos with close cropping don’t work well on circles! The more space around the person’s face to fill the button, the better. Low resolution photos, or photos with distractions close to the subject, produce a less professional button.

Photo Badge Magnets = No Holes!

We can also produce photo badge magnets with sturdy magnet backs to avoid holes in clothing. You can even mix and match between buttons and badge magnets to give everyone what they want!

Why get them from us?

Ordering photo buttons from many buttons suppliers is difficult or impossible, because they have large minimums or won’t let you order multiple designs. We’re not like that. We have no minimums and you can use as many designs as you would like, and still get quantity discounts!

We also use steel parts and mylar coatings on our buttons, so they can be easily sanitized with most cleaners (we’ve accidentally sent them through the washing machine many times, although we don’t recommend that method!). Buttons with glossy cardboard on the front and no mylar, or cardboard backing, will not hold up to sanitizing. Many mass produced buttons now use cardboard parts.


Click here for our current prices. Standard size buttons range from $0.25-$2 each depending on quantity. Design/setup cost for photo buttons is $5 design/setup for every 25 individual buttons needed. Most orders can be delivered in a week or less depending on quantity.


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