We ❤️ Topeka!

We make no secret of our love for #TopCity! We’re proud to live, work, play and run a small business here in Topeka, Kansas. By popular demand, we have a few new designs featuring the new fab Topeka Flag, and have listed them alongside a few of our old Topeka favorites in our Etsy shop.

What’s the story on the Topeka flag? In 2019, to “reflect Topeka’s changing identity, development, and opportunities” a group of young professionals led a grassroots design process for a new Topeka flag. The community voted on the final design. Design elements include:

  • Sunflower – Topeka’s connection as the state capital
  • Golden City – Topeka is known as the “Golden City” because of the way the sun washes over the land. The use of the sunflower was inspired by that visual.
  • Capital – represented by the five-point star, located where Topeka is on a map
  • Ad Astra – “To The Stars Through Difficulty,” a nod to our state motto, represented by the green arrow pointing to the white star; shows forward motion
  • Nine Petals – stands for the nine founders of Topeka

Learn more about the flag process.

As always, our buttons are designed, printed and pressed right here in Topeka, Kansas, and local shoppers buying online on our Etsy shop can use code TOPEKADELIVERY at checkout for local, free delivery to any Topeka address.