Meadowlark Flies to Etsy

Have you ever seen us post a new button and wondered how to get your hands on it?  Have you stopped by our booth at an event but didn’t have your wallet?  Have you been awake at night thinking about how you need to expand your button collection but don’t know where to look?  We are ready to solve those problems by opening an Etsy shop!  We are excited to be able to offer our most popular union-made button designs for sale year round!


Simply follow this link to our hip, new, online store Meadowlark Graphics Etsy Store!


From Our Collection: “The Pedestal is the Pits” Vintage Button

“The men are able to run the government and take care of the women. Do women have to vote in order to receive the protection of man? Why, men have gone to war, endured every privation and death itself in defense of woman. To man, woman is the dearest creature on earth, and there is no extreme to which he would not go for his mother or sister. By keeping woman in her exalted position man can be induced to do more for her than he could by having her mix up in affairs that will cause him to lose respect and regard for her. Woman does not have to vote to secure her rights. Man will go to any extreme to protect and elevate her now. As long as woman is woman and keeps her place she will get more protection and more consideration than man gets. When she abdicates her throne she throws down the scepter of her power and loses her influence.” – Senator J. B. Sanford, Argument Against Women’s Suffrage, 1911

Enter second wave feminism:


“The Pedestal Is The Pits” vintage button from our personal collection