Shawnee County Dems Have Our Buttons! Get ’em while they last!


Our most popular and newest designs available at the Shawnee County Democratic Headquarters!

Too many times we’ve posted an image of one of our buttons to Facebook or from a booth we were running only to hear our fans ask, “Where can I get that locally?” Not having a brick-and-mortar store sometimes makes buying our products inconvenient. We want our customers to know that we hear them and hope to add more retail partners to help us supply you with the buttons you want.

One such partner is the Shawnee County Democratic Headquarters located at 5350 SW 17th St in Topeka. You can’t make it to Washington Days to see our latest designs? Your “Kansas Democrat” button fell off your jacket? You’ve heard about our popular “Grab Them By The Policy” and “Make America Kind Again” buttons but can’t make it to events we sell at? None of the situations needs to stand between you and your button happiness! Swing by the Shawnee County Democratic Headquarters during their office hours Tuesday through Friday. Know that each button you purchase will help elect candidates who believe in the messages those buttons convey and will aid in raising awareness of progressive issues as we work to turn Kansas blue!

While you’re there take a look around and consider what skills you could contribute to the party. I’m a homemaker raising two little kids while running a button business, so I understand not having a lot of time to contribute. I realized that while I don’t have the time to knock on doors or phone bank, I can use buttons to help the cause. We all have talents and the party needs them all to continue making progress.

We realize people would like our buttons outside of Topeka as well. We’d love to hear from any county democratic offices that are interested in selling our buttons. They serve as a good fundraiser and have the added bonus of putting messaging that aligns with our values into the larger community.