About Us

When you need your supporters to be visible, you need pinback buttons. We’re Meadowlark Graphics, and we’re your button people.

  • We’re a locally run, family business in Topeka, Kansas.
  • You get professional graphic design. You’re not on your own to figure out the best way to deliver your message. Describe your idea and we’ll create a design that makes you look your best.
  • Our parts and presses are exclusively made in the USA. Our buttons are union label. We are proud members of the Communication Workers of America local 6401.
  • We’re fast. Being local has perks. Need buttons overnight? Call us.
  • No order is too small. We can produce a single button.
  • You can shake up your size. Standard buttons at 2.25 inches are super, but would you prefer a handy 1-inch button to better appeal to youth? Or perhaps an epically huge 3.5 inch button to make your message visible from space? We’ve got you covered.
  • Have buttons, will travel. We love doing make-your-own button booths for kids and adults.
Matt and Laura of Meadowlark Graphics

Matt and Laura of Meadowlark Graphics

Learn more about our products and prices by downloading: Meadowlark Graphics Custom Price List 2020

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