Pro-family. Pro-breastfeeding.

Pro-Breastfeeding-Anywhere-Anytime-Meadowlark-Button-MockupWhen we say we’re a family business, we don’t mean we’re the kind of “family business” where three generations get stock options. We mean we’re pressing buttons while little kids run around the kitchen table. We run with the professionalism of a bigger shop because we have lots of support to help us keep family and customers happy.

That’s why when we heard one of our favorite businesses here in Kansas shamed a mom for breastfeeding her baby, telling her she had to wear a cover on a 90 degree day, in violation of Kansas law, we just couldn’t let it slide.

We whipped up a big batch of these to give away at a local nurse-in and they were a huge hit! Check out the newspaper article about the event, featuring a photo of yours truly dishing out the goods. We have had a ton of requests for them so we’re┬ánow offering them in our Etsy shop.

Pro-union. Pro-family. Pro-breastfeeding.