A Nice Package

There’s an old story about the design of the classic glass Coca-Cola bottle. The legend goes that Coca-Cola wanted a bottle so distinct that someone could tell they were holding the bottle in the dark, or know they were seeing it when they saw a piece smashed on the sidewalk. The soda was important, but the packaging mattered just as much to the overall brand.


Carded Kansas buttons we made for a customer to take to Indonesia as souvenirs – wow!


Thousands of free cards with the details of random books? Sure, we’ll take ’em.

Businesses that use buttons would be wise to keep in mind the power of consistent, beautiful visuals to represent them (this is why it’s smart to hire professional graphic designers to create your collateral…), but could also take a lesson from Coca-Cola in the power of the package.

There are a lot of ways to package buttons and we’re happy to brainstorm what will work best for your project, depending on quantity and where/how they’re being distributed.

One customer favorite has been the carded button. Since we did these for Kansas Day, we’ve gotten a lot of requests for carded buttons. Oddly, they’ve all been for Kansas cards, but we’re cool with that.

At venues and art fairs with The Craftivists, we mount button sets on old card catalog cards. We once had a family member who had cases of these cards from a library changing systems – we just HAD to take them and sure enough, found a great use for them.




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