Have Button Machines, Will Travel

We’ve had some requests for button booths lately, which we absolutely love to do. We offer button booths as a service for nonprofit organizations. If you’re interested in a button party or booth but are not a nonprofit, contact us and we’ll talk about cost.

For nonprofits, we thought we’d put together the skinny on booths for those interested. We do a lot of booths for kids events but adults love them just as much. There’s something really cool about making your own button and people love to operate the presses.

Our presses are also easy to use, we routinely have kids as young as 2 at button booths pressing buttons (with our help). Button booths are a lot of fun no matter how we run them, but there are options.

button booth

100% DIY button booth at the Craftivist Pop-Up Shop in NOTO, Topeka, Kansas, 2015

There are three ways to run a button booth:

  1. 0% DIY: we design, create and sell buttons that we know your event attendees will love. This option is great for bazaars, art shows, conventions and other places with lots of vendors and patrons ready to buy and wear.
  2. 50% DIY: we design buttons in the theme of your event, and we bring paper circles with those designs ready to be pressed. People choose which design they want and use our presses to make the button themselves. This option is great for events where you want the excitement of pressing buttons on-site, but have a big crowd, limited time or limited space.
  3. 100% DIY: we bring blank paper circles, markers, and other art supplies. People create their own designs and use our presses to make their creations. This option is great for events with a good amount of physical space and time for button creation. It’s also by far the favorite for kids.


washington days

0% DIY button booth at Washington Days in Topeka, Kansas, 2015.

We would love to do everything for free, but we do need to cover our supply costs. One thing we love about button booths is that there is no up-front expense for your organization, and there are two ways you can pay for a button booth:

  1. They pay: We ask for a suggested donation or price for every button, we cover our expenses, you get the rest.
  2. You pay: you cover our expenses for all the buttons people press and it’s free for your guests.
So is a button booth for you? You tell us!
  • Do you have an indoor space with a sturdy table for us to use?
  • Do you want your event to have a fun, interactive activity?
  • Do you want people to have something from your event they keep for ages?

If so, contact us to get on our schedule!


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