Because We Like Shiny Things

Be honest: deep down inside, we’re all just birds on the lookout for discarded sparkly ribbon to bling up the nest. It’s a universal truth that people love shiny stuff. In honor of that, we’re excited to launch something new: transparent buttons!

These special buttons don’t have a paper insert. Their design is printed directly onto durable, clear vellum – in reverse to protect the designs. What this means is that the silver back of the buttons shines through, giving you a great silver color to play with that you could never produce with traditional inks – and a nice sheen over the whole button.


We tried these out with a new Topeka design in black and silver and they’ve been very popular. They definitely stand out! You can use color with these as well. Simple designs work best on these. These are priced differently than our regular buttons but we’ll be happy to quote a project for you.

If you dig these Topeka ones, they’re for sale at Kaw River Rustics at 901 N Kansas Ave in NOTO.


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