From Our Collection: Let’s Go Royals!

Here’s what you need to know about Royals fans: we have waited a long, long (long) time for the success we now enjoy. Before last year’s World Series run, the Royals hadn’t been in the post-season since their epic 1985 World Series win. I was 2 years old. The years between post-season runs were unkind. We went seasons without winning records, routinely losing 100 games a season. Royals fans have earned it.


We have a few Royals buttons in the collection. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the Royal Rooter button. The others are from the original 1969 season and originally featured fabulous purple and yellow ribbons that have not lasted on these. The manufacturer is RR Winona Minnesota, made in the USA (just like ours!).

The Kansas City Royal’s iconic logo is a great graphic design story. The early Royals turned to KC-based Hallmark Cards to create the logo, who turned the task to a group of 15 staff artists. The winning artist was package designer Shannon Manning. Hallmark’s press release noted “The winner was Manning’s design featuring a white ‘R’ and a smaller gold ‘KC’ on a royal blue shield topped by a four-pointed gold crown. The word ‘Royals’ in gold lettering appears below the shield.”

The design was bold, dynamic and memorable. It captured much of the aesthetic of the era’s design but has held up remarkably well. Small changes have shifted the letters over time but the core of the logo survives as one of baseball’s most iconic logos.

Only the best for our Royals!


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