About Meadowlark Graphics

There are a lot of places to get buttons these days, but we’re betting you’ll value a few things about Meadowlark Graphics:

  • We’re a locally run, family business. Our factory is our dining room table in Topeka, Kansas.
  • You get professional graphic design. You’re not on your own to figure out the best way to deliver your message. We can create a design that makes your business or cause look as top-notch as you are.
  • All of our supplies and presses are made in the USA. Supporting fair labor practices and American jobs is important to us.
  • We’re fast. Being local has perks. Need buttons overnight? Call us.
  • You can shake up your size. Standard buttons at 2.25 inches are super, but would you prefer a handy 1-inch button to better appeal to youth? Or perhaps an epically huge 3.5 inch button to make your message visible from space? We’ve got you covered.
  • We can come to you. Kids love button birthday parties where they can design and create their own buttons or pocket mirrors as souvenirs. For nonprofits, we’ll come to your fundraiser for free, help your attendees make buttons and collect donations for you. All we need is a large, stable, indoor table, we’ll do the rest.

Learn more about our products and prices by downloading: Meadowlark Graphics Custom Price List 2015

Contact Laura and Matt via e-mail at MeadowlarkGraphics@gmail.com or call 785-383-0946


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